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Keen about

Drone CIESLintFeather IconsFirebaseMongoDBNode.JSNuxt.JSPugRedisStylelintTailwind CSSTypescript

Professional Experience

Web Engineer

Jumia GroupJumia Porto Tech CenterNovember 2014 - Present

Jumia Mall

Participating in the development of Jumia Group’s e-commerce platform. Initially dedicated to third party platform integrations (payment methods, operations platforms, etc...), and later focused on application performance improvement investigations. Contributions to the development of a new Back Office’s User Interface, making use of modern JavaScript frameworks.

Technologies: PHP (Zend), JS (Vanilla, ExtJS & Vue.js), CSS, Docker, SQL (MySQL/MariaDB), RabbitMQ

Platforms: GitHub (Git), Jenkins (CI/CD), Bamboo (CI), Jira (Project Management)

Internal Tools

Also dedicated to the development of tools to help on the team’s daily tasks.

Technologies: JS (Vanilla & Node.js), SQL (SQLite), NoSQL (Redis)

Platforms: GitLab (Git, CI/CD)

Jumia Group Website

Complete development of the Jumia Group’s corporate website, as well as automation of the tasks related to the same.

Technologies: JS (TypeScript & Nuxt.js), PHP (Laravel), CSS (Tailwind CSS), Docker, SQL (MySQL/MariaDB), NGINX

Platforms: GitHub (Git), Jenkins (CI/CD), Jira (Project Management)

Personal Projects

Cryptocurrencies trading algorithm and monitoring platform

Development of an algorithm to exchange cryptocurrencies with the objective of generating a return based on the price fluctuations of the markets. Connection with many exchanges API’s (using Rest and Data Streams), with implementation of variable rules for each one, as well as a real-time monitoring system based on WebSockets.

Technologies: JS (TypeScript, Node.js, Nuxt.js, Socket.IO), CSS (Tailwind CSS)

Platforms: GitHub (Git), Drone CI (CI/CD), Firebase (Static Hosting, Firestore Database & User management), Cloudflare (DNS & Protection)

Personal server network configuration

Configuration of diverse Docker based services, using it’s swarm mode, with a private communication network (OpenVPN based). Implementation of a monitoring and alerting system, to provide a better understanding of the status of the network services.

Technologies: Docker (Compose, Registry, Swarm & Stacks), OpenVPN, Telegraf, InfluxDB

Platforms: Grafana (Monitoring), Portainer (Docker Services Management), Drone CI (CI/CD)

Conferences and Training

NDC Porto (conference)

April 2020

TECHinPORTO (conference)

June 2019

SynfonyCon (conference)

December 2018

TECHinPORTO (conference)

June 2018

XSS and CSRF 101 (training)

January 2018

SQL Injection 101 (training)

November 2017

Porto Tech Hub (conference)

September 2016

Academic Path

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering

Graduated in 2017, where skills were acquired in the planning, architecturing and developing of software projects, as well as network and server management.

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